Enchanted melody…

As she quietly walks through the long hallway of her family’s 18th century castle, which is adorned by paintings of her ancestors, she anxiously searches from which direction the mysterious melody was coming from. The small flame of her candle was flickering brightly enabling her to reach the back stairwell where the music seems to be getting louder. She stood at the top of the Georgian stone staircase pondering and then all of a sudden with great haste she ran down the steps as if there was someone or something waiting for her at the bottom… “Hello?”

As she reached the bottom of the staircase she found herself in a section of the castle that had not been shown to her before. It was a large room with all of the furniture covered up with gold linen sheets. “Hello,” Samantha said again instinctively as if she expected someone to answer her. She can still hear the music in the distance, but now it was drowned out by the pounding of her heart racing in her chest. Yet, she didn’t turn back. She was looking around trying to assess her surroundings when she felt some sort of a presence lurking about. “Whose there?” She exclaimed.

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Writing is my greatest passion…

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